Passion, authenticity and intuition are at the heart of our work ethic. The one thing that unites us all is our diversity - we all respond slightly differently to things. At Write Inspired we value this unique response and encourage risk taking in learning - pushing through perceived barriers and embracing self discovery.

Philip Davis

'I believe that everyone can invest passion into what they do. I want to inspire people and enable them to feel that fire in their belly. I want to move people to a place of inspiration and away from coercion.'

Philip has brought his knowledge and passion to the classroom to many thousands of children using his techniques. He is the creator of Picture The Music Create teaching resource. He has spoken to a wide variety of audiences about his methods and beliefs - local authority advisors, head teachers, school staff and university lecturers and students. He continually works in schools to improve standards and motivation in both students and staff. Having worked in schools all over the UK and abroad he has gained a valuable insight into what issues teachers and students face in the teaching of writing. He is an honorary research associate at Kings College London looking at the power of language to inspire and motivate. His courses are highly entertaining, inspirational and thought provoking. They are based on practical experience. He brings solutions to the classroom and inspires both teachers and students.

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