To re-engage learners we need to make learning relevant, creative and inspirational.

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In order for us to learn there are a few essential things that need to be in place.

Firstly, it really helps if we actually want to learn what is being taught. If we are not motivated to learn, it makes the process a lot harder. Think about the last training session you went to. If you really didn't want to be there, you would most likely have not paid much attention. It is the same for all of us. If we think that there is no point in learning something, we probably won't engage.

Secondly we want to enjoy what we are learning. We need to make the process fun. If things are difficult, then making the process of learning it enjoyable will produce much better results.

Thirdly, the ideas we have in order to create some poetry or a story, need to be ours. We need to feel some ownership of them. If we feel that then we are far more likely to want to develop them. We will care.

As we return back to school there is a lot of talk about the recovery curriculum. There has been so much disruption. Children have indeed missed valuable school time. I hope that we take this opportunity to re-engage them by ensuring it is not a 'cram it all in as quickly as possible' approach.

I fear that an approach like that would simply push children further back. It would raise anxiety levels and damage the very attitudes we want and need to encourage.

I believe that we can mix the academic with the creative. We can make the experience of learning difficult things inspiring and engaging. We can fire up enthusiasm.

I hope that at the front of any recovery curriculum will be a focus on re-engagement. A push towards a more creative curriculum that inspires. One that children are excited to be part of. One that gives them a sense of agency.

If we manage to do this then children will want to learn. They will be inspired and engaged.

Surely that is the desired outcome for all schools.

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Posted by Phil Davis

Thu 11 Feb, 2021