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Here are the thoughts from teachers, parents and pupils about Write Inspired projects, sessions and courses.

    Brilliant - inspirational!'

    'Motivational, inspiring, well paced, entertaining, a new approach.'

    'An inspiration...

    Teachers EPG Primary School, Kuwait - Inset day

    'One of the most creative educators I have worked with.'

    Richard Gerver

    Dynamic, purposeful, engaging, relevant, factual, passionate, child-centred. A real treat for all staff.

    Dep Head Blackthorns Primary academy

    Evidence based course that truly prepares us for the challenges of the new curriculum. A trainer who truly understands how children naturally learn and the enormity of our responsibility to foster their creative talents. Inspirational!

    Course delegate Wales

    'Interesting, inspiring and upbeat.'

    'Thank you. My class were really inspired. This is what teaching should be like...'

    'Thank you. I've taken so much from this course. Children and teachers absolutely loved it!'

    'Truly inspiring.You've inspired me to inspire the children.'

    'Loved it. Makes so much sense. The children loved it.'

    'The ideas, resources and stimuli you shared with us were so useful. I can't wait to get started!'

    Teachers at Ffynon Taf school

    It gives you tonnes of support for your writing.'

    'Write Inspired makes writing fun!'

    'It was fun and made me like writing.'

    'I used to hate poetry but you've made it really fun. I love it now.

    Pupils from Aberbargoed Primary School

    They all really liked Phil. They said he was ‘extravagant’ and ‘a really good bloke’. They said it was ‘mind opening’ and they enjoyed the kinaesthetic aspects of the sessions. One boy particularly enjoyed the poetry section. It was difficult for them to give any points for improvement.A particularly nice bit of feedback was that one of the boys has used the idea behind the ‘what can the string be?’ exercise to help him explain and understand new concepts since.

    Yr 11 feedback - Passmores Academy, Essex

    Will remember this course for a very long time. Interesting and engaging.

    N Mcnutt Teacher

    What I loved was the sensory richness of it all. I loved the idea of using plasticine or clay models to create little micro-worlds and to seed stories. I loved the music, the drumming, the guitar playing – I think the rhythmic aspects of language are often slightly neglected and this brought that to the fore. Words are plastic things, squidgy, malleable...it seemed like a wonderfully rich experience...

    Nick Hayward, Head of English, Royal High School Bath

    'This was probably one of my best memories from Year 5 and I would definitely recommend it to any school.'

    Megan, Age 9

    A truly inspiring day.'

    'Amazing, inspiring - loved every minute.'

    'Incredible! Thank you!'

    'Engaging. Exciting. Informative. Taken away loads of ideas. Thanks a bunch!'

    'Fantastic learning experience with truly creative ideas for inside and outside the classroom. Great interaction, funny and engaging.

    Teachers comments on courses...

    Absolutely fabulous way of teaching and learning, very creative and imaginative. Thoroughly enjoyed this time. Thank you Phil.

    Parent at Aberbargoed School

    An amazing course...

    Teacher, New Directions course

    It's shown me that creative writing isn't boring. I've learnt I can do a poem if I put my mind to it. 

    Jeren, age 12

    The girls lost all inhibitions, they were prepared to take risks and were keen to share ideas. Such a varied approach to writing that would be really valuable to all abilities and ages.

    A Bodenham, Senco

    The Year 5 children followed up on their tree sculpture by writing a description the following day. The vocabulary and ideas used were exceptional and we have you to thank.

    Teacher St Helen's School Caerphilly

    'Thank you so much...I feel you have really uplifted us all and certainly inspired our children and staff. We MUST take these ideas forward and continue to let the children benefit from such a creative and inspiring approach. Diolch yn fawr iawn.'

    Kathryn Price - Headteacher Ffynon Taf School

    I have a class of very diverse abilities - but these workshops brought them all to an equal place; the most able were able to draw upon their wide vocabulary but the less able were able to use words - maybe make up words - to eloquently express and convey their ideas in an uninhibited and respected way.

    Chris Belinger, Teacher, Bromley High School

    'An inspiring workshop. Thoroughly enjoyable. Great to see the passion behind these ideas. Can't wait to try some!'

    Teacher delegate at course

    'An inspirational, exciting and motivational day. You reminded me why it's wonderful to be a teacher.'

    'Excellent Inset - very inspiring for a difficult class. I look forward to trying these ideas out!'

    'AMAZING. I had a fantastic day. I am ready and rearing to try out ideas in the classroom. A massive thank you!'

    'A wonderful Inset - full of inspirational and realistic ideas! I find I often walk away from courses feeling deflated and overwhelmed but I'm excited to try new ideas now.'

    'You've reignited my passion to try new strategies, be creative and dare to try new things. Thank you.'

    Delegates Inset Day St Joseph's, Haywards Heath

    Philip is a truly inspirational practitioner. Through a dynamic, multisensory approach, he elicits ideas, language and vocabulary to enable children to create outstanding stories, poems and compositions.

    Deputy Head, Netherfield Primary School

    An amazing course that has given me excellent ideas to help engage children in writing. I am excited to go back to school and teach my children using these different methods. I am feeling very inspired. Thank you!

    Teacher St James C of E Primary Harlow

    A truly amazing day. I feel really inspired!

    Teacher ,William Martin School, Harlow

    Inspirational and exciting training. Loved it.'

    'You've reignited my passion to try new strategies, be creative and try new things. Thank you.'

    'Excellent Inset - very inspiring for a difficult class. Thank you.'

    'Full of inspirational ideas.'

    'Inspirational and clear'

    'Enlightening and informative.'

    'Fabulously interactive session with lots of food for thought.'

    'Thought provoking. It's what teaching should all be about. Thank you.'

    'Useful, creative, inspiring and refreshing.

    Deansbrook School Teachers

    Teaching how it should be...

    Inspiring, uplifting and energising...

    Course delegates

    Exceptional. Thought provoking insights in to what works in the classroom.

    Course delegate

    ...brightened up my day and made me realise not to be frustrated when you can't do something.

    Blackthorns Primary Yr 4

    'Inspirational - gave me a huge reminder of what it is all about. Thank you.'

    'An amazing learning experience!'

    'An awesome day.'

    'Wonderful Job! By far the best and most educational PD day I've had.'

    'Amazing training session.'

    'We are truly inspired by your teaching methods.'

    'Absolutely incredible. Watching in the classroom and what the children were able to do and succeed was very impressive. Inspired...'

    Teachers - Korean International School, Hong Kong

    These three days were amazing. I learnt so many different techniques to find ideas which was great. I learnt how to express myself in the classroom.

    Ellie, Age 12

    ...the boys enjoyed the session immensely. We carried on doing some creative writing work back at school and hopefully this will give them more confidence going forward in their exams. Who knew that playdough had such power?

    ...was interesting to see how music and movement can have such an impact on their work. They said they were going to try and use those strategies for revision.

    All of them were very complimentary about the session and I know I enjoyed it immensely!

    Stewards Academy Yr 11 Boys

    'Totally inspirational...so much to take away. Thank you.'

    Hady School Delegate

    Key things I’ll take away - remember how much pressure is put on kids to meet expectations - be open and positive. You’ve given me the confidence to go outside the norm.

    JSL delegate

    What a fantastic and engaging course. Brilliant ideas that can be applied to children of all ages.Thank you Phil - your passion is contagious!

    Teacher, St James School Harlow

    Absolutely incredible! Thank you!

    Teacher EPG Primary school, Kuwait

    One of the most enjoyable Inset days I have attended. Helpful Relevant and engaging. Thank you.

    Teachers Holy Cross Academy Harlow

    Exceptional. Everyone gains so much. The buzz and general excitement is fabulous. Thank you.

    Sharon Gray, OBE, Pride of Britain teacher of the year, Educational Consultant.

    It helped me open my mind to new ideas.'

    ' I learnt to let out my feelings.'

    'All lessons should be like that. I learnt to think outside the box...'

    ' I normally can't think of many ideas but now I have loads...

    Blackthorns Primary Year 4


    Hady Primary School

    A fantastic course, really inspiring.

    I loved how passionate and enthusiastic you are.

    Would recommend to all. Thank you.

    Course delegate Wrexham

    'Just what we needed to inspire us...! Thank you.'

    Regent farm school 2

    It was the most fun writing I have ever done. 10/10.

    Isabella, Age 11

    'Excellent ideas. Engaging and meaningful.'

    Regent Farm School

    'Some of the most effective, engaging, inclusive training for developing writing and creativity in children I've experienced in 23 years in schools. Fact.'

    Matthew Clark - Headteacher

    Absolutely fantastic. I have never felt so engaged in a talk in my life.

    Teacher EPG Primary School, Kuwait Inset day

    This is just what I've been waiting for - inspirational and it's made me excited to get back to the classroom. Thank you. '

    'Hugely enjoyable and engaging!'

    ' A great day packed with brilliant and practical ideas to encourage children to write. '

    'Bloody brilliant! '

    'Fantastic, Thank you !'

    'Incredibly inspiring! So many new ideas - one of the most engaging and useful courses I have been on.

    Teachers testimonials from Inset Day

    Fantastic session. Really informative, very engaging. Lots of brilliant ideas.

    Course delegate Wrexham